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Quality Key Data in One Place

Embedded Intelligence™ is a unique tool in the marketplace designed to help buyers find suppliers, channel partners find companies with complimentary skills and vendors find channel partners.

You can search through the 300,000+ technology companies in the UK, filtering by keywords and core attributes such as size, credit rating, location, accreditations and many more. Embedded Intelligence enables its users to find the right technology company for the job. 

Embedded Intelligence™ is a service offered by Embedded IT, a commercial technology consultancy. Embedded IT has analysed the UK Technology Market to profile every IT company in the UK, and stored this as structured data within Embedded Intelligence™.


Data at Your Finger Tips

Subscribers have access to the full Embedded Intelligence data set and can search by Keyword and filter by core attribute such as turnover, employees, accreditations and vendor partnerships.

Enhanced Information

Subscribers can validate and enhance their data with other information such as customer stories, insurance details or other information that potential buyers or partners may search for.

Bespoke Reporting

Bespoke reports are available to users for a consulting fee and span various data views, such as trends over time, locations, industry topics, and even specific regional demographics.

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Early Adopter Offer

The first 100 Embedded Intelligence standard plans purchased will be discounted by 50% to £25 /month for the first year.