About Embedded Intelligence™

Meet the Self Confessed Team of Geeks

Phil Clark Embedded IT UK Technology Companies

Phil Clark

Founder & Director
Mark James IT Support For Business

Mark James

Chief Technology Officer

The Embedded Intelligence Journey

We have been developing the platform for over 5 years, identifying a broad, complex and continuously-evolving data set to provide to subscribers


Company Founded

Embedded IT founded as a consultancy to advise Tech Buyers and Tech Suppliers how to work collaboratively to deliver the best outcomes


Soft Launch

Embedded IT launch first version of this service, “Embedded Directory”, which delivers some initial quick wins for buyers / suppliers partnering for success



COVID gives an opportunity to re-evaluate the approach to the service, morphing from a simple directory to something that leverages Artificial Intelligence to support a broader scale service, covering the whole UK Tech Sector


Official Launch

Launch of Embedded Intelligence ™ as a Minimum Viable Product, looking to secure feedback from early adopters to steer product development